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To be like Joseph

Imagine this... your engaged to a great man and you simply can not wait to marry him. Then you wake up pregnant one day. You may be thinking "okay, and?" There is one little never slept with your fiancé. In fact you have never slept with anyone. How are you going to go tell… Continue reading To be like Joseph

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30A: A Whole Different World

If your into mom and pop restaurants, quaint boutiques, unbelievable architecture, beautiful beaches, and simplicity at it's best. Then let me just start by telling you that 30A is the best vacation spot ever! You will be in love, plain and simple! Each little town is overflowing with unique personality, yet embodies the essence of… Continue reading 30A: A Whole Different World

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How To: White Washed Faux Brick

If you know me then you know I am a lover of old architectural charm, specifically old brick. By love I mean completely obsessed with! If you've ever been to our boutique, Live Simple Shop, then you know what I mean. The old buildings have such character, and oh so many stories to tell. I… Continue reading How To: White Washed Faux Brick