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Nursery Before and After

This past week we celebrated being in our home for a whole year! I still can't believe it, this past year has flew by. Not only does time go faster with a baby, but it was also a busy year of working on the house. Thanks to our family the whole house is complete! Actually,… Continue reading Nursery Before and After

Our Greatest Blessing

To the Mama with a “Colic” Baby

The best day of your life finally comes when you find out your pregnant. In that very moment all your dreams are coming true. Then you really start dreaming... You picture yourself cuddling your peaceful baby. You picture your hubby and yourself laying in bed staring at your happy baby each morning. You think of… Continue reading To the Mama with a “Colic” Baby

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My Favorite Simple Breakfast & Snack

Hey Friends! As I was enjoying my breakfast I thought "well why the heck have I not shared this with my people!?" Are you ready for the easiest recipe ever? Are you ready for a recipe that works for breakfast and a snack? Are you ready for the most moist muffin ever? Here ya go...… Continue reading My Favorite Simple Breakfast & Snack

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Why Would We Bring A Child Into This World?

If you've been following our story then you know we fought infertility for over two years and were blessed with the news of our miracle girl this past March. During those years of praying and praying for a baby there was also many moments of why. Why would we bring a child into this world?… Continue reading Why Would We Bring A Child Into This World?