Design & Devotion: Keep it Simple

Happy Sunday Friends,

We have been dreaming of becoming home owners for years, and it was finally our time. More like God’s time. Those of you that know us have been thinking “Thank God! Now we don’t have to listen to them talk about it!” Not true, now you just have to listen to us talk about how much we love it and see all the pretty pictures. (Sorry, not sorry)

This week we finished the smallest room, the bathroom! I thought I would combine two of my passions, design and devotion, and share with you a look into our home and life.

P.S. We were so excited to get started that I didn’t get the best “Before” pictures, but these will give you an idea. I was thankful to have a fairly blank canvas! (Handsome man in the mirror has worked his tail off!)

Step 1: Paint

unnamed (10)

Accent Wall – Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams

Walls – Alabaster from Sherwin Williams

Door, Trim, Cabinet – White from Sherwin Williams

Tip: If you watch for their online coupons you can get anywhere from 20-40% off your purchase, plus $10.00 off a certain dollar amount. We ended up saving over $80.00 on all our paint!

Step 2: Install custom fixtures

I am a lover of simple, farmhouse, and industrial. I sketched out just what I wanted and off to Menards we went!

After cleaning off the pieces it’s easier for me to lay it all out on the ground to visualize how it will display. For the wood shelving we grabbed one piece of standard 12ft board and cut it into six pieces to stain.

The shelving took some time (and a lot of my dad’s patience), but the towel and toilet paper holders were quick and easy!

Tip: Your hands will be covered in black, but that’s part of the fun. The piping and attachments aren’t as cheap as you would think, but they aren’t outrageous either. The pieces range from .69 – $2.95 each.

Step 3: Decorate (My favorite!)

I like to keep it simple, and the custom fixtures already added character so it didn’t take much!

We built the shelving to display the towels and such, which is a little unconventional, but that’s ok! I like that when people come over or stay with us they don’t have to wonder where everything is, it’s all easy access.

White Metal Basket – Ikea

Sea Salt Matching Towels – Tuesday Morning

Soap Pump – Tuesday Morning

The one thing I do still want to change down the road is the vanity top, I am not a fan! It can wait for now though (Hubby says so anyway)  I added the cotton balls, Q-Tips, and flowers on the counter to draw your eye to the texture not so much the counter. The massive mirror also draws your eye away from the counter. I found this gem at junkin’ event for $20.00! Woot Woot! Fresh coat of white paint and it made the entire bathroom feel more spa like.

unnamed (5)

Overall, I am very pleased with our new bathroom, and believe it or not the clean colors seem to keep it cleaner. I don’t know if that is actually possible, but hey I’ll take it!

I hope you all enjoyed the first look into our new home, and I hope you’ll finish your Sunday night with this in mind…

“Don’t load yourselves up with equipment. Keep it simple; you are the equipment…”

Luke 9:1-5 The Message

We so often want all that we can get. We want a bigger house to hold more people. We want nicer things to show more people. We just want more. Jesus was talking to the twelve disciples in Luke 9, and the scripture says He commissioned them to preach the news of God’s kingdom and heal the sick. He literally could have told them anything, yet He told them to keep it simple.

This Live Simple Life may get loaded full, but today I hope we remember it’s far more simple in God’s eyes. We are the equipment. We are His equipment.  May we be in good working order this week.



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