Our Greatest Blessing

Pink or Blue December We are Due

Happy Sunday Friends!

If you haven’t heard we are expected our little blessing this December, and we couldn’t be more thankful! You can catch our story of infertility and more importantly God’s plan HERE.

As promised I wanted to fill you in on how we told our family, and the moment their jaws hit the floor!

Kyle and I found out very early, approximately four weeks, due to a doctors visit for a sinus infection. Then two short weeks (more like an eternity) later we closed on our home, and we realized that we needed to tell our family early too! We closed on the house on a Friday afternoon and all our close family and friends were coming over that night to start moving and painting. One of the biggest rules in our house and life is to tell it like it is, so we knew our family and friends wouldn’t hesitate to call me out on being lazy if I wasn’t moving and painting along with everyone else. We had to tell them our surprise! (Thank God, cause we probably couldn’t have held it in anyway!)

Of course, some very important people in our life had to cancel last minute and weren’t able to make it, but we decided to stick to our plan and tell as many people at once as possible. We closed on the house and headed to our new home for a couple hours before everyone arrived. We couldn’t believe that we pulled it off, we had kept our struggles a secret and literally no one knew, it was worth it! We got to surprise them!

All of family and friends were so excited as we got to show them through the new house, and we just kept thinking “you don’t even know!” Finally everyone arrived and we talked them into sitting down to eat pizza before getting started. (I may or may not have literally been yelling at people “Go sit down! Eat first!”)

Finally, it was time! Everyone was eating and talking in our living room, and Kyle gave me the nod! He started recording, and…

I said “Guys! I want to show you our paint colors!” Literally no one cared. (Like at all! Caleb even got up to go get more pizza!)

I said, “GUYS! I’ve waited to decorate a house for years, pay attention! This is important to me!” As they all gave me an eye roll as they turned to look at me. (Can you tell we are a sassy bunch?)

With paint colors in hand I started showing them “Agreeable Grey for living, dining, kitchen, and hallway. Sea Salt and Alabaster for bathroom and bedroom. BUT we need you guys to help decide on a color for the other bedroom, PINK OR BLUE DECEMBER WE ARE DUE!!!”

I stood there with a pink and a blue paint sample, and literally everyone in the room stared at me. (I was feeling a little awkward!) Finally, it started to hit everyone at once, and their jaws hit the floor! There was pure joy, tears of joy, & pure shock! It was one of the best moments of our lives!

This photo pretty much sums up how we felt, and still do 🙂

Pink or Blue

Now we are one week away from finding out the gender of our little blessing and we want to know your vote! Pink? or Blue? What will baby Rumsey be?


Comment on Facebook or Instagram with your guess!

This Live Simple Life may be full of surprises, but sometimes they are the best surprises ever!




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