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My Why

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day enjoying this beautiful weather, it’s got me dreaming of Fall. However, I have promised Kyle that I wouldn’t decorate for Fall until September 1st! (Stay tuned to see if that actually happens!)

Anyway, yesterday I got to finally meet Joanna, a sweet Instagram friend. She came into the store, and told me a story of how one of our t-shirts played a role in leading her to a life long friend at the perfect time. I literally got goose bumps and teared up as she was telling me how one of our t-shirts caused a whole series of happy events to play out. She said “I know this isn’t some magical t-shirt or anything, but I do believe God changed my mind last minute to put it on that day for a reason.” She was worried she sounded crazy, or that I didn’t understand. Little did she know that her story is exactly why I do what I do. I completely understood what she was saying, and her story made my heart happy.

I had already been thinking about my “why” for months while reading “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright. (The best business book I’ve ever read)  In chapter one of the book I was challenged to think about my “why”, what I love, and what my story is.

Honestly, I didn’t really plan on ever sharing my notes, but once again God has had it on my heart for awhile now and Joanna confirmed it.

My “why” is important.

I’ve had people say things to me before like “all you do is make t-shirts?” or “so your business is just t-shirts?” It honestly kinda takes me back for a minute, because I don’t see it as just making t-shirts. However, I have to realize that they didn’t mean to come across that way and don’t realize they are crushing my “why”.

So what is my “why” you ask? What is it that gets me up in the morning? What is it that keeps me running the business when I want to quit? What is that drives me?

I’ve always felt unique and weird, but at the same time believe that I have God given abilities such as creativity, organization, and originality.  I want to use those skills that He has given me to lead others to Him! I love the feeling of being related to, or making someone feel that you relate to them. I love being a small part of someone’s day. I love to see a smile or hint of laughter when someone feels that another person gets them. I love seeing hope and beauty in what others don’t.


You may see my business as “just making t-shirts” but for every single design I see…

A persons face that grinned or chuckled when they first saw the t-shirt and felt like it was a part of them.

I hear someone say “OH MY GOSH! That is so me!!!”

I hear a story like Joanna’s that reminds me that one simple t-shirt can change a mood, change a day, or heck even change a life.

I challenge you today to think about your “why”. What is it that makes you love what you do? Or maybe what is is that you love that should be shaping what you do? Maybe you love to make people feel related to like I do, or maybe you love to help people get better. Whatever it is that you do, WHY do you do it?

I hope that at some point one of our t-shirts has made you grin and made you think “someone gets me!”

Living my Why

This Live Simple Life may not always have clear directions, but it does always have a why.


P.S. Share your why with me! Comment on this post or on social media!

P.S.S. Stay tuned for next week! “My Why Not”

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