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My Why Not

Happy Sunday Y’all! Last week I shared my why with you. What is it that makes my heart happy, what it is that keeps me going, and what it is that keeps my business up and running.


You can read the whole version of “My Why” Here.

This week I want to share with you My Why Not. One of my most asked questions…

Customer: “Do you do custom t-shirts?”

Me: “No, We do not offer custom t-shirts any longer.”

Customer: “Why not?”

When we first started our business in 2014 we solely did local sportswear and “custom” designed t-shirts. It was great for awhile, however it slowly grew harder and harder for me to continue to offer the custom designs for three reasons…
1. It’s not truly custom. I began to realize that the so called “custom” designs that many people were asking me to create weren’t truly custom. They were images off of Pinterest, Etsy, or Google. From the start I had a rule that I would not create a design that was exactly as shown. I knew it could be someone else’s work. However. it wore on me more and more than even switching it up wasn’t enough. Creating these “custom” designs was more like copying someone else’s design. That’s just not how I roll. (Please note that I truly took it as a compliment that people chose to give us the business rather than someone online, but it didn’t make it right.)

2. It’s not fair. I have also been on the other side of the equation where I have seen another company steal my exact design. Honestly, it hurts. I take a lot of time, energy, and effort to come up with each and every single design. Then to see it plastered all over someone else’s site shown exactly the same, well it can make your blood boil! (Please note that given that thousands of people across the world are in the same business that I am there are going to be designs that have the same saying or vibe. However, you can definitely tell when it has been downright copied.) I strongly believe that we would all be better off to support one another rather than copy one another.

3. It’s not rewarding. If you did read “My Why” then you know that I spend hours upon hours and endless energy working to create designs that are from my heart. I make each design so that someone out there feels that someone else gets them. I pray that each t-shirt touches a heart, makes someone laugh, or brings people together. By creating designs that are already someone else’s I would be stealing their joy and my own.

This world is full of great people working hard for their very own why, and I would be a fool to stand in their way. I sincerely love my little business and every single customer, and I know so many other businesses do too. It’s what makes our world work.

I challenge you today to ask yourself, why not? What is it that you will not do? What is it that questions your integrity? Whatever it may be, stand firm.

This Live Simple Life may be full of counterfeits, but you are an original and you do original work.



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