Our Greatest Blessing

The Difference in a Year

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday, and it’s been the biggest celebration of my life! Let me take you back for a minute and tell you why.

This time last year a forever friend and myself met at Krispy Kreme one morning. We share a birthday and she had texted me a couple weeks before to sign up for Krispy Kreme’s birthday club (Well, heck yeah I did!) We got closer to our birthday, and we each got our glorious email! FREE donut and coffee! Woot Woot! We finally aligned our schedules and our birthday breakfast date was set!

Little did we know what our happy little birthday date would turn into.

We each ordered and sat down. Within minutes our conversation turned from the normal catching up items to the most serious items on each of our minds. She started to apologize that she needed to keep her phone out, because she was waiting on a call from her doctor. After that I honestly don’t remember exactly how the conversation truly started as each of us shared our huge secret…we couldn’t get pregnant.

A secret that each of us held way down and only our husbands knew. A secret that literally no one else had a clue about except doctors. I sat there and listened to her struggle of infertility over the past two years. I don’t think I had really even said much yet, besides the normal “Oh I understand!” She went on through their story, and I realized she and her husband had been facing a huge battle for years. Endless testing, countless trips to the doctor, and the ever so constant thought of “what is wrong with us?”

As she closed their story a little tiny bit of weight came off her shoulders, and she said something to the affect of “Anyway, that’s why I need to keep my phone out, I’m ovulating today so I’m waiting on my doctors call.”

(If you have had the privilege of avoiding infertility then just know that ovulation is a glimpse of hope! Yet at the same time a moment of fear, fear of another month going by without your baby.)

I then started, “Well actually, literally not a soul knows this but we are in the same boat.” We both continued on comparing our testing and results and doctors.

I have no doubt that God brought us together that day for the first time in years to comfort each other. He knew we both had to tell someone!

Over the course of our 26th year we both faced some big let downs, sadly hers more so than mine. We tried our best to keep checking on one another via text, but it was still hard.

Then, if you have read our Our Infinitely More story then you know on Friday, March 24th Kyle and I’s prayers were answered. We found out our insemination had worked and we were pregnant!

Wrapped inside all our joy was one little hard moment. I had to tell her. I know her and I knew she would genuinely be happy for us without a doubt, but still. God had put us on this journey together, and now I had to tell her that we advanced. Of course, she was completely happy, and couldn’t have been better about it.

Weeks went by and it was time for our gender reveal, and honestly I didn’t even invite her. I couldn’t ask her to walk into a party where we were celebrating our little blessing, and even naming our blessing.

BUT GOD! One week later my mom, mother-in-law, and I were heading to St. Louis to shop for our baby girl. We weren’t even out of Southern Illinois and I received a text from her…


I literally sat in the back of the car in complete shock and pure excitement.

Fast forward to our 27th birthday!

She found out the gender of her blessing on our birthday and I’m going today to see our little girls sweet face in 3D!

A year ago as twenty-six year olds we sadly sat eating our donuts, as twenty-seven year olds we are both anticipating our babies! I don’t think I ever understood the difference a year could make in God’s timing until now.

I told you all that to tell you this… God is good and His timing is perfect. He never said it would be an easy life with quick fixes. BUT I can testify to the fact that the battle is already won! You may have to fight for years and undergo painful and expensive testing, but He is faithful. He has the battle plan and you are victorious!

This Live Simple Life may seem like an eternity of heartache sometimes, but oh what a difference a year can make.






4 thoughts on “The Difference in a Year

  1. Aww, what an awesome story and what fun the two of you are going to have raising your little ones together! 😀
    Happy belated birthday, by the way!! 🙂


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