Our Greatest Blessing

Hartlan: A Big Heart

Happy Tuesday Friends,

We have had several people ask how in the world we came up with our baby girls name, Hartlan. After being asked dozens of times we still didn’t really have a good answer so I really started to think back.

Years ago before we even got married we had decided on a name if we were to ever have a baby girl. However, after we realized that having a baby wasn’t going to be easy for us we both knew it needed to be more unique and special to us. Once we got a step closer to a solution for the infertility we really started to brainstorm. All the time! We would tell ourselves not to get too excited, but at the same time we knew we had to have faith.

One night we were brainstorming names for a girl and for a boy while watching TV. Honestly, we are series junkies. Gilmore Girls, The Office, New Girl, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Hart of Dixie, and the list goes on. We jokingly, sorta, starting thinking of names from our favorite TV shows, and I was very into Hart of Dixie at the time. We went through all the character names and no luck! Then I said “Something with Hart would be cool!” We pondered it for a minute.

For some reason since I was little I have thought it was the coolest thing that were we live is called the Heartland, I don’t even know why. So we added that to our pondering. We also thought it would be cool to tell her some day that we picked her name to be a reminder to have heart and love others.

We both agreed that we really liked it, but at the same time it’s extremely unique. Too unique? Kyle said “She’ll never find her name on one of those pens or mugs or magnets at a store.” Which let’s be honest, is heartbreaking when your a little kid.

Then, a while after our discussion I had a dream. I dreamed I was at an event with tons of women I know, like a shower of some sort. I looked down in my dream and was holding a baby, and in the dream once I had looked down I couldn’t look away. I don’t remember her face at all, but she was tiny and had a big heart. Literally, I could see a bulge from her chest. I honestly woke up worried. I didn’t want our future baby to have a heart defect that would affect her whole life. I started praying, Lord I know you are going to give us a baby and I’m so thankful, but please don’t let it have to go through the pain of a major disease. I then felt an overwhelming peace. It hit me that the dream wasn’t meant to scare me but to assure me that God was going to bless us with a child. A baby girl to be named Hartlan, because she will have a big heart.

( I know that sounds crazy to some, but I’m that type of person that God has to be very visual with. AKA I don’t listen well and need a lot of confirmation.)

After telling Kyle we decided we didn’t care at all if her name was kinda weird, we are oddballs ourselves. Heck her whole family is a bunch of weirdos! 😉

Next, we had to try and figure out how in the world we wanted to spell it! Hartlan, Hartlyn, Heartlan, Heartlyn, or even Heartland. We didn’t officially decide on that until the night before we found out what we were having. We kept leaning towards an option with “Heart” since it is the actual spelling of the physical heart, but it wasn’t right.

We decided on Hartlan Jo Rumsey. To us it will always mean that our little girl is going to have a big heart for God and people. We pray she even makes an impact in our land.

Of course once we announced her name not everyone loved it. So God confirmed it yet again. Something that should have been so completely obvious to us, but we missed. Betsy, one of my father-in-laws cousins called him after she saw our name announcement on Facebook and said “That’s your mom’s initials!” Literally not a single person in our immediate family had put it together, but it made our day.

Kyle’s grandma, Helen Jane Rumsey, passed away several years ago now, and we both miss her a lot. She told you how it was, with no holds barred and she was 100% her own person. She didn’t really give a dern what anyone else thought, and I loved that about her since the first time I met her. We both hope Hartlan has some of her spunk!

Like I said earlier we didn’t really know what to say when people asked about Hartlan’s name, but this week Betsy surprised us with a beautiful quilt with Hartlan and Grandma’s monogram. It made me really think back, and I actually hadn’t fully realized how God had orchestrated her name until writing this. We are so thankful for this baby girl, and we can’t wait to see how her heart changes the world around her.


This Live Simple Life may put you through trials that break your heart, but remember that God made us to have heart and love one another.





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