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Put Your Helmet On, Here We Go!

Happy Sunday! I have been challenged a lot lately to share more of our life with you, but honestly I have been pushing back and holding off. We live in a world were social media is king, and good can turn to bad in a matter of seconds.

I try to keep my personal and business pages focused on a positive message. If I know I’m about to post anything that could come across controversial I always have Kyle read it first, my sweet man is a little more level headed than I am. However, I am human and I have failed miserably multiple times. I learned this year that even a message you hoped would be positive and uplifting can be completely taken wrong if you don’t watch your words. Not choosing your words wisely leads to one of those open innuendo post that we all hate.

After unintentionally creating one of those post I was so upset with myself. I know better. Being a boss lady, social media is one the largest components in my life and I let it get the best of me. So when being prompted to share more I pretty much said “Nope! Not happening!” (If you have read any of my life stories before then you know I’m not the greatest listener.) Of course God has continued to push me, along with several important people in my life.

Finally, I began to listen. I took some advice. I read through my notes from the past two years, and I read a book that has changed me as a boss lady.

I have come to the conclusion that I would be a fool to not share our story, our daily life, because number one, it’s not mine, it’s Gods. Number two, maybe just maybe someone out there needs to see it. If for every thousand people who could care less there is one person that it helped somehow by this crazy ride we call life then it’s worth it.

So are y’all ready for the Rumsey ride? Buckle in….

Actually, it will probably be more like the first time I ever got to go to Kyle’s house after we started dating. As only freshmen my mom and stepdad were driving my best friend and I out to Kyle’s parents house. My mom was already worried about dropping us off at some boys house, not to mention it was out in the middle of nowhere! We get about a quarter a mile away and up on the hill sits Kyle and his best friend on four wheelers. (I thought oh crap!) My mom was very anti-four wheeler. As if it couldn’t get any worse Kyle and Brad wave real big at us and take off ramping up the hill and racing us to the driveway. I couldn’t see my moms eyes from the back seat, but I’m willing to bet they were the size of golf balls. She said, “MACEY! You two are NOT getting anywhere near those four wheelers, especially with those two driving!” Tia and I looked at each other and responded oh we won’t! Once again I thought surely the guys will just stop at the driveway, but no. They take of flying to the house doing wheelies the whole way. I honestly think if it wasn’t for my stepdad driving Tia and I would have never gotten out of the car, my mom would have just drove off and never looked back!

Since that moment Kyle and I’s life has been just that, a crazy ride. Full of ramps and wheelies, ups and downs, afros and mud. We wouldn’t change it for the world though!

So let’s forget your seat belt, you probably just need a helmet to join in on this ride! Stay tuned… we’ll be sharing our home with you this week!


P.S. All is good, my mom couldn’t love Kyle more now, and even Brad too! She still cringes when we go on a four wheeler ride though!

P.S.S. Pictured above is our high school afros after a day of riding, still one of our favorite pictures.


One thought on “Put Your Helmet On, Here We Go!

  1. Love your family stories. God puts a little craziness in all of our lives, I truly understand your mom’s feeling of four wheelers. Worry about my kids and grand babies too riding.

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