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Dining Room: Before & After

Hey Hey Beautiful People!

As promised we are sharing a look into our home this week, and not just any part of our home. Our favorite part, our dining room. Our first apartment right after we got married barely had room for a small four person table, then our next apartment only had a built in bar for two people. We both made it a priority that our home would have to include a dining room, we were anxiously awaiting family and friend dinners and game nights.

When we first viewed our now home it had two living rooms. One upfront connected to the kitchen and one in the back that was larger. I automatically voted that the front one would be turned into a dining room, and then the design vision came. I was sold on the house!

Not gonna lie I have felt like a designer since we moved in, being pregnant I can’t do much so I’ve got to design and boss! (Typical, I know!) That being said, Praise the Lord for our family who helped more than we can ever repay them, they are pretty much the best!

Jump forward six months and our dining room is officially complete…


Like I said I knew immediately that I wanted to change this front living room into a dining room, then when my dad came to see the house he sparked my imagination more. He said “We could just take out that little bar, that’d be easy.” He is still eating those words! They got it done though and I couldn’t possibly be more happy with it.



I love how it opened up the two spaces and it allowed us to add some character with the faux brick wall. (Possibly my most favorite detail of the house) I promise I will get you a step by step “How To” on the brick wall later. For now, on to the details…

Our table is very special to as the base was my mother-in-laws old dining room table from years ago. It had a clear glass top, but she saved the base for me since before we even got engaged. My mom then stained the boards and we created the new top! The matching benches were made by my dad, and the black chairs are from Target. It took me months to find those chairs. I was set on fabric ones, but after everyone telling me we did NOT need fabric with baby girl on the way I finally listened. More like compromised with pillows, and I snuck my old fabric chair in the corner! (Hehehe)

If you haven’t noticed I am a lover of neutrals. Designing your house with neutrals allows you to add various pops of color for different seasons. So when I found these black and white curtains at Hobby Lobby I was in love! Then I found the table runner and chair pillows at Ikea, it was meant to be!

For my table décor I try to keep it simple, being able to see the faces across from you is more important than the decorations. The old tray and little piggy I found junkin’ and the simple white pitcher is from Kirklands. (They have awesome coupons!)

See that big beautiful clock? I have stored it for years waiting for the perfect spot and finally I had it! A coffee bar! Not only does it free up counter space in the kitchen, but this old dresser gives us a ton of storage. (It’s filled with décor items like flowers and candles…I may have a problem!)

Last but not least is our bargain piece! Our sweet friend sold us this console table for only $20.00! My mom painted the bottom white and once again stained boards for the top and we simply screwed them in. It is the perfect piece for a dessert or crockpot bar when friends and family are over.

You can tell by now that my pop of color this Fall is burgundy with cotton stems, and honestly I could leave it up all year long. Fall is my most favorite season to decorate for. Even though with this pregnancy brain and energy level it took me forever, but that’s ok.

Our “Love is all you need” sign is another item I have kept for years. My mom actually bought it at Gordman’s for our wedding, but we didn’t end up using it. The two big wood pumpkins I just got last weekend from Tibby Knoll in Murphysboro, IL. Pretty much everything else was a junkin’ find of some sort! You can never go wrong with little cheap eye catching pieces.

I really hope y’all have enjoyed a look into our home, and I hope it challenges you to cross over to the neutral side. (Muah Ha Ha!) If you have a question on anything just leave me a comment!


P.S. Always remember that any home pictures posted by me or likely any blogger are of a just cleaned house, they do not portray daily life well. Actually, as I was cleaning for the photos I realized one whole side of my table was super sticky. It finally hit me that it was from my niece enjoying her rice krispie treats on my birthday. Those little sticky fingers are whats important, not a clean house!


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