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And I Thought I Loved You Then

Today we are celebrating twelve years of togetherness! Twelve years of struggles but more importantly joy. When our Spanish teacher moved us to the same table our Freshman year I don’t think either of us were thinking at all about love, but God had a plan. On November 5, 2005 He set it into action.

Our High School Graduation

On this day in May of 2009 we graduated high school! We were best friends and loved spending every minute we could together. That day we thought we loved each other.

When we started college we were so excited for the future, but we didn’t have a clue the struggles we would face. We didn’t know that God would change both of us. We didn’t know the fear and wondering of being high school sweethearts would catch up with us, but it sure did. We questioned everything, but after months of ups and downs we decided we thought we loved each other.

On this night, May 18, 2012 Kyle took me to dinner and we drove around the back roads. He was being so weird I didn’t know what was going on until he drove down a hill and we rounded the corner! “The Hill” our most favorite spot on his property was covered in mason jar lights. I sat in the truck with my jaw on the floor. He said “Well, come on beautiful!” He walked me up the lighted path and asked me to be his wife. That night more than ever we thought we loved each other.

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, August 10, 2013 we became husband and wife. We were surrounded with overcoming joy and everyone who meant something to us. Half way through our wedding ceremony they sang  “Then” by Brad Paisley, the perfect song for two high school sweethearts. Those lyrics couldn’t have been more true, we had come so far and were so excited for the future. Our family and friends still joke that everyone was bawling their eyes out through the whole song except Kyle and I. We were simply too happy. That day we thought for sure we could never love each other more.

Then on Friday, March 24, 2017 after two years of struggling to get pregnant we got the best call ever. The test was positive! We are pregnant! (You can read the full story HERE.) In that moment of pure joy and thankfulness to God we thought how could we ever love each other more than right then.

However, every day since that point as we get closer to meeting our baby girl we somehow love each other more. Today we are not only celebrating twelve years of being together, but also only four weeks until our Hartlan Jo is due. A couple weeks ago we got to spend the day with Debzfotography as she captured our maternity pictures. We got to bring one of the most precious items we own, our “and I thought I loved you then” sign. It hangs above our couch surrounded by wedding pictures. Once again we thought we loved each other, but looking at these pictures I can see that God is changing and growing our hearts even more.




Today sitting here thinking back over our twelve years I realize more than ever that Brad Paisley gets it, and more importantly God is good! Every single argument, trial, and joy is a part of Gods plan. Kyle Rumsey I thought I loved you then, but I’m only going to love you more as Hartlan’s daddy.

I challenge YOU to really look at your loved one. Flashback to those trials and struggles, but more importantly flashback to every moment of joy. Think back to when you thought you couldn’t love them more, and let God show you how your heart has only grown more in love.


P.S. Please visit Debzfotography for quality pictures that tell a story.  We can’t wait for her to capture Hartlan’s birth and first days next!



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