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A Not so Traditional Baby Shower

Those that know me well know I’m not a very pink person. Even growing up I always chose blue over pink anything. So I was thrilled when I realized my baby shower would be in the Fall! You know what that means, buffalo check and sunflowers! (Well, at least it does to me!)

Here’s a glimpse into Miss Hartlan’s not so traditional baby shower, I hope it inspires you to think outside the box for your upcoming baby or wedding shower.

Table Decor:

Less is more. Simple is best.

For each table we used mason jars that were leftover from our wedding as vases. We filled the jars with sunflowers from Michaels and cotton stems from Hobby Lobby. The centerpieces really only took a couple hours to make about 24. Oh! We can’t forget the buffalo check ribbon from Hobby Lobby as well.

After weeks of hunting we finally found white baby pumpkins at a local grocery store. Woot Woot!

Thank the good Lord one day on a glorious stroll through Hobby Lobby I came across a creation from God! Probably the coolest part of the table set-up is the buffalo check table runner. We knew we wanted runners, but holy moly! They are expensive, but can you guess what this creation is? Scrapbook paper! A 14ft long roll of scrapbook paper! Can it get even better? YES! It was on clearance. I bought every roll they had, plus the matching ribbon size roll of scrapbook paper.

It was one heck of a deal, and turns out it goes a long way. One roll made table runners for three eight foot tables.

My favorite little touch to the tables was the bow napkin wrapped utensils shown below.


You simply stack a fork and spoon one on top of the other, and scrunch a regular size square napkin in the middle. Then grab the ribbon of your choice and tie a cute little knot. Ta Da! A precious little bow.

Photo Op:

We are blessed to have a beautiful event center,  Irons in the Fire, right above our store.

Finding a beautiful spot for photos with guests was easy with such a unique fireplace.

Like the table centerpieces the sunflowers and cotton stems were from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The adorable buffalo check rug is from Kirklands.

Since we just went the day before to see our baby girl in 3D our moms brought our baby pictures to display and compare. P.S. Daddy won, we are thinking she is going to look more like him as a baby.

My personal favorite part of the photo op is her beautiful name. I decided months ago that I wanted her name in cursive above her crib, but everything I found online was expensive! (Wowza!) Meme and Grandpa to the rescue! We bought letters to spell out her name, and Meme traced them onto plywood. Once it looked perfect we took a saw and carved it out. It honestly was NOT an easy process, but boy did it turn out perfect! Plus it saved us a ton of money.

P.S. Hartlan is already spoiled rotten by these two ladies below. They threw us a beautiful shower!

Meme also made a fun little photo prop shown below.

All it takes is a piece of project board, craft paint, a sharpie, a pencil, and some time!

Little Touches:

We love fun games and this one is simple and funny!

Take 2-4 volunteers. Have them put a balloon under their shirt. (Unless they are pregnant like us three shown below) Then give them a ping pong ball to hold between their knees. It’s go time! They must waddle down the path to their mason jar, and successfully drop the ping pong ball into the jar. The general idea is for it to be like a pregnant woman’s water breaking and trying to get it in a jar! It is too funny and harder than you would think!

Did you think I was going to forget about the food? Uh, NO!

For the snack we went with a chili bar. Homemade chili, crackers, Fritos, cheese, sour cream, etc. Little did we know that it would be 90 degrees outside, but it was still yummy!

I’m honestly not much of a cake person, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted for dessert when they asked. Then at a friends wedding I discovered Sam’s Club bakery cakes! Praise the Lord! They are extremely affordable, beautifully made, and oh so delicious.

We got three of their big chocolate cakes, two lemon bundt cakes, and Mema made her famous Oreo Brownies. The cake bar turned out perfect, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Treat Bags:

Why is it that treat bags always seem to be a hard decision? Especially if you have a large crowd. We kept it simple with s’mores to go!

Grab clear treat bags from Hobby Lobby. Add some crinkle paper to the bottom to make it look like fire. We used yellow to match, but orange and red would be adorable too. Then, simply stack your two graham cracker pieces, two Hershey’s pieces, and one marshmallow. Tie the bag with the ribbon of your choice, and add a special note for your guest. I typed the note on Word and cut them out with pattern scissors. Knot the ribbon around the bag and note and you are all done!

I am so thankful that my mom and mother-in-law threw us such a beautiful shower. I’m glad they let me pick the decorations too, it was too fun! The entire shower was more than I could have asked for, and we are forever grateful. I hope a part of our shower will spark a unique idea for you!

This Live Simple Life may not always be “normal”, but hey different is fun! Cute too!



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