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Why Would We Bring A Child Into This World?

If you’ve been following our story then you know we fought infertility for over two years and were blessed with the news of our miracle girl this past March. During those years of praying and praying for a baby there was also many moments of why. Why would we bring a child into this world? It’s only getting more hateful, mean, cruel, and rude. Why would we bring an innocent being into this mess?

After we found out we were pregnant we were filled with so much joy that those fears went away. Then October 1, 2017 those fears came rushing back. The news of the terrible Las Vegas shooting was all around. I remember asking Kyle, “What kind of life will she have? We got to go and do all these fun things: concerts, fairs, theme parks… but our world is so messed up how will we be able to let her do anything?”

After a couple days of letting fear sit on my mind of all the possibilities of how the world could harm her it finally hit me. Maybe the world needs her.

We of course don’t have a clue the person she will become, but we can pray that she is three things…

1. That she loves God. For if she truly loves the Lord then her heart will be full of love, kindness, and compassion.

2. That she loves people. For if she truly loves people then she will want to help and not harm. She will want to be a voice for the hurting, but more importantly will want to be active in helping.

3. That she would live simple. For if she focuses on the simple things in life then she will enjoy life and it’s blessings.

Now if you know us or our story these three things are familiar to you. It’s our motto in life and business: Love God Love People Live Simple.

So why would we bring a child into this world? Because we can do our very best to teach her these three simple principles, and we can pray that she changes this world for the better. That she would be a light in the darkness.

We can never guarantee that this world won’t harm her, in fact we can more so guarantee that it will. We can also never guarantee that she won’t harm others of this world, she probably will. No one is perfect.

We can guarantee that we will love her and do our best to lead her by example. Because, maybe this world needs her. No, this world does need her.

God knew that this world needed her on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and we couldn’t be more thankful that He knew we needed her too.

Actually, this world needs each of us. Let’s do our best to not fear what this world can do to our children, but instead work to teach them to do great things in this world.

Happy Sunday Friends,


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