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How to See God Work Each Year

Happy 2018 Friends! I hope your 2017 was a good one, and your 2018 is even better. I honestly don’t see how our 2018 could get any better though!

I wanted to share with you the highlights of our year, and fill you in on how I started to see Gods work in my life and others each year.

Our 2017:

January we closed the store for two weeks to get everything together for 2017 and have a little extra family time. This type A personality loves every minute of planning and brainstorming that goes into our business, it was a refreshing time!

February we got to travel to Las Vegas for Magic, a world famous market. We got to explore the city together and shop for new brands to grow the store. We were completely exhausted, but so in love with the adventure. It was really awesome to see so many people react to our t-shirts too!

March is where 2017 really changed for us! We found out we were pregnant and could finally buy a house! So much excitement for one month!

April the adventure began! On the 7th we moved into our home and completely shocked our family with the news of our blessing on the way! That day was so full of joy!

May was full of work. Our family rallied beside us as always and put so much work into our home. We got to celebrate Kyle’s birthday as our first get together! We love having a big backyard! Plus, we got to share with the world that our blessing was on the way! We have loved sharing our story of infertility and God’s faithfulness.

June seemed to drag along as we waited to find out the sex of our blessing, but June 24th we got to blow up the party with pink! Our hearts were busting, our baby girl was already so loved!

July was another month of working around the house, and starting on Harlan’s room! We built her a bigger closet (yes, it’s full already!) and a pretty cool accent wall. (Post on her room coming soon!)

August is when really busy season sets in at the store. Football is so much fun in our town, and we love getting to meet new families! We love spending time with our staff too.

September held one of the most important weekends of my life. For my birthday we got to see our precious baby girl in 3D/4D ultrasound with her grandparents and great grandparents. They also took me out to dinner afterwards, they don’t know how much it meant to me to have everyone together. If that wasn’t enough the next day was my baby shower! Once again I saw how much this little girl is loved, I have never seen so many prayers, wishes, and presents!

October was a full month! Two vendor shows, a busy store, and fun traditions like deer camp. This preggers was exhausted, but wouldn’t have changed a minute of it! It was extra fun with my preggers bestie!

November came and we were so impatient to meet our girl. Thankfully God decided not to make us wait an extra couple days and she arrives on Tuesday, November 28, 2017! The experience of having our family there with us and seeing each of their faces meeting her truly makes my heart happy. She is more than we could have ever asked for.

December came and went oh so quickly! Poor baby girl has faced many challenges with colic, digestive issues, weight loss, and a cold. We are praying and believing for complete peace in her little body! She loves to be talked to and held tight. We know we are going to have our hands full as she already has so much personality and sass! I have loved watching Kyle with her too, he is the best daddy! Her grandparents are pretty awesome too, she has us all wrapped around every little finger.

Our 2017 was more than I could have ever imagine. God is good! (Note: Ephesians 3:20)

As promised I want to share with you a good way to see God working in your life and others this coming year!


Grab a journal. Pick one any one! Grab a pen that you love to write with too. Oh and a highlighter!


Page one write out your prayers for you personally. Next page, write out prayers for your spouse/significant other. Next, write out prayers for your family and friends. Last, write your prayers for everything else!

God knows your heart. He doesn’t need a paragraph! It’s truly simple. Who needs strength? Healing? Peace? Financial Blessings? Write their name and what they need.


Pray over and add to your list daily.


As you see God answer a prayer take that handy dandy highlighter and mark it! Thank God for that blessing!


At the end of 2018 I think you’ll be amazed at what God has done that otherwise you might not have noticed. Each highlighted name will be evidence of God’s love. He is so good!

Below is a picture of my journal that is home to dozens of prayers for healing, relationships, strength, prosperity, and more. Every time I think God isn’t listening I look at those pages and see the highlighted miracles. It is truly amazing!

Friends, Kyle and I hope you have the best year ever and we pray God does infinitely more than you could ever think or imagine!


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