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Our Bedroom

Hey Y’all! I finally got a moment to share a little more of our home with you!

As you probably know I am a lover of neutrals and woods, so I of course had to carry this over into our bedroom. It turned out just how I wanted, crisp, clean, and cozy.

(Details at the end.)

I kept leaning towards white bedding, but then fell in love with this simple ruffled grey. It’s actually a duvet cover, but I am way to hot natured for that!  The small white nightstands and pillows allowed me to add pops of white.

This barn wood piece I used as our headboard is actually out of Kyle’s family barn. Several years ago we went on a hunt through the barn and pulled several doors and pieces, I knew then this would some day be a headboard! It’s approximately 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall, we had to cut it down some just to get it in the door!

Now this piece is my baby! It stole my heart in a local pickers store and I had to have it! The natural distressed wood reminded me of a Restoration Hardware piece. (Aka my most favorite store) It took six men to get it into our house and they all wanted to kill me afterwards. It’s a beast, at least 7 foot! It sure does hold a ton though. (They made me swear I wouldn’t move it…I’m ready to move it.)

Our bedroom may be small and simple but that’s just how I like it! I hope maybe it inspired you and just in case it did here’s the details….

Wall that the bed is on – Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Pop Wall – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Nightstand Cabins, Picture Frames, Large White Pillows, Small Sea Salt Pillows – TJ Maxx

Duvet, Dust Ruffle – Amazon

Curtains – Hobby Lobby

Square Metal Vases – Hobnob Market

Cabinet – Pickers Outlet Mall 

I hope your bedroom is a place of relaxation and peace, where together you really can have it all.



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