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Son Shine

I am so stinkin’ ready for Spring! I’m betting you are too. Thankfully this morning provided just a little glimpse of sunshine through my living room windows.

As I was rocking baby girl and listening to worship music I happily sat staring out the window. I looked down at Hartlan to adjust her pacifier and then quickly noticed the mess of my living room when I looked back up. Our living room is the catch all. Bags, work stuff, car seat, toys, swings, blankets, and about a zillion burp cloths. Not to mention I’m in the middle of decorating for Spring and it drives me bonkers that I don’t have anything hanging between the windows yet!

My first thought was “Dang, I just picked up yesterday!” Followed by “ugh! I have to get something hung on the wall!!!” Then I looked back down at baby girl and thought who cares! The sun is shining and my miracle girl is in my arms. I rocked for awhile longer. Then God set this on my heart…

The Son can still shine even during your mess.

Whoa! Hello! Noted! Got it! Ok, God.

I think we often want to wait to get our lives looking perfect before we let God use us. We think He only wants to shine through perfect people. FALSE! He wants to use our mess to make a message that leads others to Him.

We can let the Son of God shine through us during even our messiest times by remaining kind and loving to others. So let’s do that! This week let’s hand over whatever mess we are in and let God go ahead and use us. Because there is someone who is in the same mess that God will connect us with to share our message.


Mess of a Mama


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