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The Internal Reset

We thankfully got to escape to paradise this past week and boy was it much needed. As I sat on the beach I once again was in complete awe of Gods creation.

I got to thinking, on average we work 50 weeks a year for 1-2 weeks of vacation. With that precious time off millions of us flock to the ocean or mountains. We literally spend thousands of dollars to stare at a big body of water or huge hunk of rock. Why?

Because God. I believe there is an internal part of all of us that longs for the simple beauty of this life. The simple beauty of the world around us. We find that beauty in its purest form when we are gazing into Gods creation.

Our world is so hectic and busy that our mind, soul, and body crave the natural. We need an internal reset. You may think I’m crazy, but I think we need the time away because we need time with God.

The waves crashing in is a reminder that there is something so much larger than us. Something all encompassing. All consuming. His love. It overtakes our natural desire for simple beauty and hits the internal reset button.

I left recharged and ready to go! Ready to see what this year has ahead for our little family!

I challenge you, even if you can’t get to the ocean or mountains right now go sit outside without any distractions and soak in the natural world around you. Let your mind, soul, and body be reset by God.

Live Simple,


P.S. I have several fun new posts to share with you all about our trip to 30A!

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