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I Am Human

We sit for hours on end scrolling through social media searching for the secret to the perfect lives we follow. The lives that we check in on daily. The people that we compare our home, marriage, friends, wardrobe, and even children too. We have a whole life sitting in front of a screen watching everyone else’s perfect life.

The lives that are lived on social media are not the whole story. The five seconds out of a day where everything aligned for the perfect photo does not portray real life. What is not seen is the work that went into that photo. The hours it took to create the perfect “messy hair”, the training it took to get the best glowing makeup, and the countless wardrobe changes to find the perfect yet “effortless” outfit of the day. Let alone the cleaning and decorating it took to get the perfect little square photo of a loving happy home.

We are only seeing what we have been given to see. We are not seeing the whole human being. The flawed, priceless, imperfect, loved, and original person behind the screen. We are not seeing real life.

Notice I say “we” because I have done plenty of this myself. However, through this realization the desire for real honest life has been placed on my heart. So today I launch the I Am Human Campaign.

The goal of this campaign is not to bash social media in any way, but to only stop the harmful comparisons. To make a difference in the hearts of women who are constantly sitting and comparing their lives to the “perfect” ones they follow on social media. To show them a glimpse of who is really behind the screen, the real life honest human.

As you read through you probably thought of a specific account you follow on Instagram or Facebook, the one you spend plenty of time staring at. You probably didn’t think about your own account. Yeah, I didn’t either. When God started working on my heart for this campaign I was obviously thinking of some big blogger accounts. As always He corrected me. Whether your account has 10 followers or 10 million there are people watching your story. I honestly was still thinking, “Lord I’m just starting out and I do try my best to be myself on my account and show the world our real everyday life.” Then it hit me. I may show my messy house or struggles as a new mom, but am I showing me? Real life honest far from perfect heart me? No.

So today as I launch I Am Hum Campaign I start with myself, the real deep down me…

“I am a wife who takes my husband for granted and doesn’t give him the time he deserves. I am a mama who lacks patience, and is haunted by worry. I am a boss who doesn’t communicate well and always feels cheated out as an entrepreneur. I am a woman who loses sleep over people who have hurt me and people I have hurt. I am a person who often shows the world an unforgiving Jesus. I AM HUMAN, and that’s okay.”


From here on out when you look at my account I pray you see through a photo that may look perfect and remember there is a human being who is far from perfect just like you behind it. Probably with zero makeup and crazy hair trying to juggle being a mom and a boss lady.

I also pray that you would follow along with #iamhumancampaign to see many honest real life photos and stories. I have teamed up with some wonderful women who are ready to share their heart with you as well!

You can follow along HERE to see who joins the campaign!

You can grab your HUMAN tee HERE and share your photo and story with #iamhumancampaign to join in!

I can’t wait to see your real life honest photo and story,


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