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Products for Your Colic Baby

Oh mama, if you are reading this please know that I feel ya. I get those tears in your eyes, and the bags under them as well. Please take a moment to first read To the Mama with a “Colic” Baby because you are not alone, I have been there before. It is awful!

When we were dealing with a colic baby I was constantly searching for solutions, but I couldn’t find anything. Sadly, there is no solution for colic, you just have to push through it until one day your sweet baby will be better. (Praise Jesus!!!) However, I did learn that some products helped to lessen the chaos.

Here are my top 6 products to help with colic relief, again note nothing is going to make colic disappear. Also, I am not a doctor or medical professional, so first seek advise from your pediatrician before use of any product. (We called our poor pediatrician plenty!) These products simply helped our little family.

CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO BE TAKEN TO PRODUCT LISTING! I linked the best deals for y’all!

ROCK-N-PLAY for Sleeping – Our little girl has acid reflux along with the colic so laying her flat was pretty much torture. Keeping her elevated even for sleep was so helpful, and we fell in love with her Rock-n-Play. It kept her inclined, feeling snug, and in motion with the soft vibrations. It was the closest thing to us holding her. She slept in her Rock-n-Play until she was five months old.

HAPPI TUMMI for Gas Pain – Gas and stomach pain is what causes colic. If your experience is like ours then you have to watch your poor little baby struggle in pain to toot or go to the bathroom. We discovered Happy Tummi towards the end of her colic, but it was helpful. There is an inner pouch of natural ingredients that you heat in the microwave then place inside the patch to wrap around your baby.

Side Note: DO NOT OVERHEAT! WASH BAND FIRST! I didn’t wash the band before putting it on her skin directly, and she had an allergic reaction.

SWADDLE for Sleeping – You have probably found by now that it helps your baby to be held tight and snug. The pressure on their little bodies helps with the gas and stomach pain. However, we can’t always hold them tight, we must sleep or at least try to! Swaddles help them feel secure and snug for bedtime, they are also a sleep association. Meaning if you start a bedtime routine such as bath, lotion, swaddle they will start to realize that it’s time for bed making the whole process easier in the long term.

Side Note: The actual swaddles such as the ones linked in the photo are WAY easier than trying to use than a blanket!

DR. BROWN’S BOTTLES for Feeding – Dr. Brown bottles are the best bottle for reducing air that is sucked in during feeding which in return causes gas.

ADVANCED COLIC RELIEF DROPS for Gas Pain – We tried Gas Drops and Gripe Water for so long, and neither truly helped. Sometimes they even seemed to make it worse, however I finally found the Advanced Colic Relief Drops and they helped her!

NUTRAMIGEN for Nutrition – Obviously you really need to have a conversation with your doctor for this one. Our little girl has never had the major signs of a milk protein allergy, but she did have some of the smaller ones. Per her pediatrician we switched her to Nutramigen after trying four other formula’s that caused her so much pain. It has been the most helpful for her little belly.

Side Note: Do Not go on Nutramigen unless recommended by your doctor and shown helpful. It is not cheap!

Mama, I hope this helps! I know how heartbroken and helpless you feel. Remember, you can click on each photo to be taken directly to amazon. Please let me know if you have questions or just need to vent.

You got this!


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