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Five Rules of Business

Yesterday we celebrated two years of Live Simple Shop, I genuinely can not believe it. In celebrating it made me realize that we have been business owners for three and a half years! It’s crazy!

Being an entrepreneur, business owner, boss lady…whatever you want to call it is honestly not an easy task. You pour your entire heart and soul into something that could completely flop. It takes the right amount of fear and courage to make it happen! We’ve somehow managed to make it happen, but not without tears, stress, and failures. As I was going to bed last night I got to really thinking “What have I learned as a business owner?”

So today I share with you my five rules that our business hinges upon…

5. Get Back Up – Oh how many times we have had to pick ourselves up. The moment you start a business people will assume you are rich, have tons of free time, and don’t really do anything. Which is farthest from the truth as possible. Honestly, when people make comments to me of these things it makes my blood boil. (I’m getting better though!) When someone downplays your work get back up and work harder. You will also have people who are just mean or mad. They simply don’t like you, or anyone for that matter. When someone puts you on blast get back up and show the world it isn’t true. Then, eventually you will mess up and it will be completely your fault. Absolutely you must get back up, apologize and make the situation right.

4. Don’t Compare – Please, please, please stop comparing your business adventure to everyone else’s! It’s just that, an adventure, therefore everyone’s outcome is going to be different. We can easily get wrapped up with what we see other businesses doing on social media and become jealous of their growth. However, they may be on their chapter 10 while your just beginning to write your story.

3. Good People – Once a business hits a certain level its time to hire a team! Whether that team is 1 additional person or 1,000 it’s important to find a good team. We have had five team members over the last two years, and they are the best. The top traits we look for are honesty, work ethic, and compassion. We want them to be honest with us, work hard when we aren’t around, and be kind to every person that comes through the door.

Finding your team doesn’t mean everything will be smooth and perfect. We have failed our team members many times, and growing pains happen. Good people are worth taking a change on though.

2. Morals – Stick to what you stand for. If you have been in our store or heard any part of our story then you probably know our motto. Love God Love People Live Simple. We carry this with us in our home, everyday life, and business. Honestly I think it has become part of our DNA. In every decision we make we try to decide if the outcome will honor all three of these points. Most importantly, is what we are doing honoring God? If it isn’t then it’s an absolute no. Is it showing love to people? This one can be hard, because well we are human, but we do our best. Is it living simple? We have learned to say NO. The hardest word to say, but it has made our life so much simpler.

Decide what your morals, your motto is and stick to it. It must be something you are accountable to and comfortable with.

1. Family First – I have said it a thousand times, I would be a fool to gain it all and lose my family. Our marriage must absolutely come first, no question about it. My husband is behind the scenes constantly helping the business, we are partners. God gave me this wonderful man for life and I would be a complete fool to mess up what God has ordained just to attempt to gain wealth. This way of thinking has paid off. The more time we make for each other the smoother everything runs. Our home, our business, and most importantly how our baby girl is raised. Which leads me to Miss Hartlan. Live Simple Shop may have been my first baby, but it doesn’t hold a candle to our little girl. She is a gift from God and once again I would be a fool to not fully raise her because I was too busy running a business.

Our business could probably be growing more if I chose to give more of my time to it, but it’s not worth it. Kyle and Hartlan are not worth it.

I beg of you if you take anything away from this post I pray you take this, If you gain it all and lose your family then you’ve lost it all.

My hope today is that someone out there who is thinking of starting a business or has started one will read this post from my heart and it will help them along the way.

I hope you have a Simple day friends,


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