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How To: White Washed Faux Brick

If you know me then you know I am a lover of old architectural charm, specifically old brick. By love I mean completely obsessed with! If you’ve ever been to our boutique, Live Simple Shop, then you know what I mean. The old buildings have such character, and oh so many stories to tell.

I would call my style Industrial Farmhouse, so I wanted to bring some of that architectural charm into our home. I just had to have at least a little brick! However, I didn’t want it dark. I am also a major lover of neutrals. My entire house is neutral colors: white, black, grey, cream, and wood tones. My design theory is keep it neutral and add pops of color for the season!

I thought over the whole process of adding brick to the interior of our home for a good month and couldn’t wait to get started once we moved in!

I’ve had so many comments on pictures and from visitors of their love for our faux brick so I wanted to share the how to process with y’all…

First we had to do a little demo! We took out the snack bar to open the space up…

What You Need:

-Faux Brick Paneling

– Caulking Putting

– Putty Knife

– White Paint

– Paint Brushes – Wide and Thin

– Panel Screws


*Amount of each depends on the size of your project

1. Find the right paneling. We opted to purchase what was sold in-store at our local Menards, which is the traditional brown/red brick with black background. (Think pizza joint!)

Don’t forget all your other supplies!

2. Measure & Cut. You want to start with your panel at the top corner of your wall, so measure out to see if your first panel needs to be cut. (Remember Friends, Measure twice, cut once!)

3. Secure. Once your first piece of paneling is in place make sure to get your paneling screws in good. Also, don’t be afraid to use quite a bit. We originally didn’t put in a ton, and had to go back and add some more. They aren’t going to show!

4. Align. Once your first piece is attached to the wall now the real fun begins! (This is the part where my dad about lost his mind) If you are doing just a flat accent wall then it shouldn’t be as hard for you to get your bricks aligned, but I of course decided to do a entry type wall. The alignment process got a little time consuming.

While the line where the panel meets up won’t be noticeable at all once you are done you still don’t want to have your bricks all a mess. As in, you don’t want your lines of bricks to be off horizontally.

However, I will say, as long as you aren’t off completely then your putty and paint should cover most imperfections.

5. Putty. Get the putty that goes on pink and dries white, you will need a couple tubs at least. Once all your paneling is screwed in completely your next step is putty. Start by smearing putty over every screw hole. Then, once your screws are covered you’ll move on to the seams. You will putty along each seam where panels meet up, and where your panel meets the wall. Finally, now that the important part is puttied you will start the fun part!

Brick walls have texture so you will randomly putty the panels to give them texture. You want to have leave it a little clumpy so that the wall is dimensional. However, you don’t want to leave massive clumps that will just fall off, still rub them in. About 50% of the brown should still be showing through.

Working on Putty and Paint

6. Paint. This is where the white wash really happens. Once your putty has had plenty of time to dry, I suggest over night, then you can add the paint.

Dip your brush lightly. (Dry Brush) You are not painting a wall so you don’t want a ton of paint. Start by dry brushing the black background lines. Again, lightly, you don’t want to see much black but you don’t want the paint on so think that you don’t see any at all.

Once your black background is done then start dry brushing the brick part. It’s okay to go over the putty. This is really where you can pick your shade, more or less white.

That’s it! Your done!

Please remember that as long as you get the panels attached good to your wall the rest can’t be messed up too badly. Start slowly with the putty at a bottom portion to see how thick you like it. Same with the paint! It’s really easy to correct yourself if you go slow and take time to step back and look at the whole picture.

I hope y’all enjoy my most favorite part of our home like I do! If you have any questions about our faux brick how to please let me know!


P.S. The biggest thanks ever to my family for doing all the work! I was preggers at this time, but they let me boss 🙂

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