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30A: A Whole Different World

If your into mom and pop restaurants, quaint boutiques, unbelievable architecture, beautiful beaches, and simplicity at it’s best. Then let me just start by telling you that 30A is the best vacation spot ever! You will be in love, plain and simple!

Each little town is overflowing with unique personality, yet embodies the essence of 30A as a whole. Not to mention the beaches are clean, and the water is a beautiful clear aqua! I fell so much in love with the little towns that I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

P.S. The photos do not have a filter, it is that beautiful.

 Blue Mountain Beach:

Blue Mountain Beach

While it’s one of the smaller towns it’s also one of the cheapest towns to stay in. We stayed in Blue Mountain Beach at Red Fish Village, a newer complex a couple blocks from the beach. Approximately a 5-10 minutes walk, not bad at all. Red Fish Village was wonderful. It was very clean, and had a great grill, pool, and play area.

Blue Mountain Beach is also home to Blue Mountain Creamery, and oh my lanta is it good! It is only across the street from Red Fish Village so we may have got ice cream there daily. The creamery also gets fresh donuts every morning from Charlie’s Donuts, which once again is absolutely delicious!

Blue Mountain Beach Overview:

More affordable Condos

Easy beach access

Clean beach

No restaurants or shops

Rosemary Beach:

On the other end of 30A is Rosemary Beach which quickly became my newest obsession. Walking through Rosemary Beach is like walking through a whole different country. The architecture is simply unbelievable. I have never been to Italy, but this is what I imagine it to be like.

One side of town is full of shops and restaurants looping down to the beautiful beach. The other side of town has another loop of shops and restaurants surrounding a community fire pit, pavilion, and stage. The moment you begin walking around you feel like a local.

Rosemary Beach was truly built with families in mind. They purposefully left large open lawns throughout town for kickball, bags, frisbee, or whatever you can imagine. They also offer bike rentals for the whole family!

Rosemary Beach Overview:

Tons of rental homes, but not many smaller ones

Beautiful clean beach access

Green lawns for activities

Free family activities

Tons of restaurants or shops

Large bike rental agency


Alys Beach:

Leaving Rosemary Beach, heading towards Seaside you will come to a stunning crisp white community, Alys Beach. By white I mean WHITE! Every single home and building is white. There literally is not even one building or home that isn’t white with simple greenery.

The community welcomes you at both entrances with two tall pillars and lines of palm trees. Once again you feel as if your in a whole different world. We took just a drive around through Alys Beach so I don’t have a tons of details on it besides it’s beauty.

Alys Beach Overview:

Stunning architecture

Limited restaurants and shops

Higher end


Last, but most certainly not least. Seaside is the hub of 30A, and it’s no wonder I love it so much with “A Simple, Beautiful Life” for it’s motto. I know I’ve said it multiple times but once again walking through Seaside is like walking into another world. There are more bicycles than cars, more bathing suits than outfits, and more delicious food than you can imagine.

In the middle of town there is a huge dip down of green lawn, think of it as a big bowl in the middle of town for families to have picnics and play games. Around that there are countless boutiques and restaurants, including airstream food trucks that are delicious. Seaside is the town that you literally wouldn’t have to leave. Just rent ya a bike and eat, shop, and enjoy the beach to your hearts desire.

Oh yeah! The beach is breathtaking. Seaside is known for its many beach entrances, and let me just say that once you walk through town to the soft sandy beach you will never want to take your eyes off of it.

Seaside Overview:

More expensive rental homes, not very many smaller ones

Beautiful beach access, clean beach

Best food around, many options

Great shopping

Honestly, we could vacation at 30A for the rest of our lives and be completely okay with that. We fell in love with the views, the community aspect, and the food. I’ll be sharing a whole different blog post on the food alone here shortly!

I hope this helps you plan your trip to 30A, and if you have any questions at all please let me know! I would genuinely love to talk to ya about 30A. Honestly, I’ll try to hide in your luggage.

Live it up friends,


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