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To be like Joseph

Imagine this… your engaged to a great man and you simply can not wait to marry him. Then you wake up pregnant one day.

You may be thinking “okay, and?” There is one little issue…you never slept with your fiancé. In fact you have never slept with anyone.

How are you going to go tell this great man that you are pregnant? He is going to think you are a cheater! He is going to call off the engagement! He is going to destroy your reputation!

He is going to destroy you. How are you going to explain yourself?

You work up the courage to go talk to your man with hands shaking you try to explain… “umm… so I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant. But it’s not what you think!!! I promise! I’m pregnant by the Holy Spirit. I am pregnant with the Son of God. Please believe me. Please.”

You stand there waiting for your world to come crashing down. Waiting for him to freak out and send you to the looney bin!

But he doesn’t make a fuss.

Joseph, chagrined but noble, determined to take care of things quietly so Mary would not be disgraced. – Matthew 1:19

Your man is just standing there humiliated yet noble. Even after you just dropped a bomb on him he is still standing there like your knight and shining armor. He wants to figure out how to handle things so that you won’t be embarrassed.

You are shocked.

I mean, wouldn’t you be shocked? I would!

We live in a world of justice seekers, we want to expose people for their flaws. We want to call them out for all the world to see. We want them put in their place.

I know because I am this way. I am a justice seeker to my core. I want the truth to be displayed in every single situation.

I need to be more like Joseph. He was a man of character. He was humiliated yet wanted to handle things quietly so Mary wouldn’t be disgraced.

The character that he showed in this situation allowed God to use him. God sent an angel to explain the situation to him in a dream, and he knew he could trust Mary. She was telling him the truth.

Now, this is just my own opinion, but I think if Joseph would have blown up in rage at Mary his story would have ended differently. He probably wouldn’t have become the Son of Mans earthly father.

He probably wouldn’t have played a leading role in the greatest love story of all time.

I want to be like Joseph. I want to live my life slow to anger and quietly to not disgrace anyone. I want to play a role in the greatest love story of all time.

I am going to work on being more like Joseph, what about you?

Merry Christmas,


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