About Us

Hey Friends!

My husband, Kyle, and I are lovers of all things simple. After we started dating as freshmen in High School we quickly realized we weren’t like all the other couples. While we enjoy a nice dinner and movie we are more s’mores around a bonfire type people. After eight years of dating we finally married right out of college, and we have truly enjoy every minute we get together!


Not long after getting hitched we realized that once again we weren’t quite the same as everyone else. We truly enjoy the simple parts of life. Bonfires, porch swings, wildflowers, walks around town, four wheeler rides, and ice cream runs. Don’t get me wrong we love the finer things in life too, but we somehow manage to still find the simplest part of a fancy moment is the best.

In November of 2014 we took a huge leap of faith and bought a local t-shirt shop. I had always dreamed of owning my own business, and Kyle is 100% on board! We poured everything we had into the little sportswear shop, and loved it. However, for some reason it still just wasn’t quite right. It was missing us, our personality.

After much prayer, thought, and reflection we realized that our goal in life was to Love God. Love People. Live Simple. In May of 2016 God opened the biggest door!  We realized we needed to share our life goal with others. We re-branded, re-named, and opened Live Simple Shop. Not until then did we really realize what it meant to pour all of yourself into something, Live Simple Shop has become our baby.


Like I said I had always dreamed of owning a small business, and I knew God had gifted me with organization, design, creativity, and vision. I just never really thought I would be able to get what was in my head into a store here in little ole’ Carterville, IL. But God! He opened up a door to the perfect location for our personalities.

We aim for Live Simple Shop to be a place of peace and joy with simple reminders to Love God. Love People. Live Simple. Our comfy clothes and t-shirt line help customers do just that!

We know life is not always simple, people are not always kind, but God is always good! I am no writer, however, I hope this look into our life inspires you to live simple.

This Live Simple Life may be crazy, but it’s good.