Our Story

Hey Friends!

I love to build relationships with people, and a big part of that is letting people into our personal life. So here’s a little snippet of us…

I am WIFE to Kyle. My handsome, goofy, hardworking, patient, and loving man. We are high school sweethearts who finally got married after eight years of dating! We truly love doing life together. Don’t get me wrong it has had its many challenges, but God has brought us through them all.

We enjoy simple things. We spend as much time as possible sitting around a bonfire and eating on our patio. We aren’t real big into gifts, but we love taking adventures. We make it a point to try new places and restaurants. You could say we are foodies. We enjoy Oreo and milk dates more than we like to admit, and we can binge watch a series like nobody’s business. Most importantly we leave our marriage in Gods hands. We strongly believe that a healthy marriage makes everything else in our life work.


I am MAMA to Hartlan. We struggled with infertility for two plus years, but our God is faithful! (Read our whole infertility story HERE.) Being her mama is the absolute best thing I could ever be. The moment I saw her it was like seeing my heart in human form. She is a strong little booger too! Her first couple months were very hard on her (Colic is the devil!) but she made it through! Hartlan now loves to smile and giggle! She loves to be talked to, and doesn’t even mind our off key singing. She is our whole world.


I am BOSS at Live Simple Shop. Not long after we got married our dream of being business owners became reality. In November of 2014 we took a huge leap of faith and bought a local t-shirt shop. We loved our little shop. However, for some reason it still just wasn’t quite right. It was missing us, our personality.

After much prayer, thought, and reflection we realized that our goal in life was to Love God. Love People. Live Simple. In May of 2016 God opened the biggest door!  We realized we needed to share our life goal with others. We re-branded, re-named, and opened Live Simple Shop. Not until then did we really realize what it meant to pour all of yourself into something.

Through our business we have got to meet great people, be a part of our community, travel, and most importantly share our motto. We have also launched our own t-shirt line, and set-up pop up shops at many awesome events! Our staff makes everyday business even more fun as well. We aim for Live Simple Shop to be a place of peace and joy with simple reminders to Love God. Love People. Live Simple. Our comfy clothes and t-shirt line help customers do just that!


Our life is far from perfect and can get busy so when God kept on me about starting this blog I kept putting it off. I always say that I would be a fool to lose my family to my business so I told God nope! I was not gonna add anymore to my already full plate. I was not gonna take anymore time from my daily life.

He set me straight! (He is good at that!) I now realize that our story of everyday life is not ours, but His. He gave us this life, and like us many others crave simple. It’s our job to share what we can, because maybe just maybe it will reach one person who needs it.

So today I thank you for joining us on our journey. For joining this wife, mama, and boss lady while I try my best to love like Jesus and live simple.

Much Love Friends,