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Becoming Mommy: Birth Story

Happy Mother's Day! I am so grateful to be celebrating today as a mommy myself, something I wasn't sure would happen. As I thought about what I wanted to share with you on this special day I decided Hartlan's birth story was perfect! I have been wanting to share my most prized photos with you… Continue reading Becoming Mommy: Birth Story

Our Greatest Blessing

To the Mama with a “Colic” Baby

The best day of your life finally comes when you find out your pregnant. In that very moment all your dreams are coming true. Then you really start dreaming... You picture yourself cuddling your peaceful baby. You picture your hubby and yourself laying in bed staring at your happy baby each morning. You think of… Continue reading To the Mama with a “Colic” Baby

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Why Would We Bring A Child Into This World?

If you've been following our story then you know we fought infertility for over two years and were blessed with the news of our miracle girl this past March. During those years of praying and praying for a baby there was also many moments of why. Why would we bring a child into this world?… Continue reading Why Would We Bring A Child Into This World?

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A Not so Traditional Baby Shower

Those that know me well know I'm not a very pink person. Even growing up I always chose blue over pink anything. So I was thrilled when I realized my baby shower would be in the Fall! You know what that means, buffalo check and sunflowers! (Well, at least it does to me!) Here's a… Continue reading A Not so Traditional Baby Shower

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And I Thought I Loved You Then

Today we are celebrating twelve years of togetherness! Twelve years of struggles but more importantly joy. When our Spanish teacher moved us to the same table our Freshman year I don't think either of us were thinking at all about love, but God had a plan. On November 5, 2005 He set it into action.… Continue reading And I Thought I Loved You Then

Our Greatest Blessing

Pink or Blue December We are Due

Happy Sunday Friends! If you haven't heard we are expected our little blessing this December, and we couldn't be more thankful! You can catch our story of infertility and more importantly God's plan HERE. As promised I wanted to fill you in on how we told our family, and the moment their jaws hit the floor!… Continue reading Pink or Blue December We are Due